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I understood how important is knowledge in 

managing and, in my son's case, 

recovering from a mental disorder.

A Message from Diana Kendros | Our Founder

We all want the best for our families. We're all concerned. We're worried that we are not doing everything we can to help our loved ones - and our friends and coworkers and neighbors and our community and world. The pandemic has made this clear. We're all in this together. 

After my son narrowly escaped death I had a decision to make. Would I try to go back to my old life? Could I?

I realized that was just not a possibility. I knew that I could never go back. My life would never be the same - not just because my son still needed a lot of support. I couldn't forget all I had experienced and learned over the ten years of my son's illness. With knowledge comes responsibility. I was a different person. So I knew it my mission to try to help others with what I had learned. 

Understanding what mental illness is and how to get help. Where to find support and the resources we need to keep our families and friends safe and healthy. And how deadly ignorance, denial and stigma can be. How important it is to care, to show kindness and empathy, especially in these times of fear and social isolation.

So how can you help and why does it matter?  Mental Health Awareness and Education start with helping us understand what mental illness is, all the many ways it manifests in millions of our citizens and how, like covid-19, how it invades our daily lives, in visible and invisible ways, disrupting and damaging every part of our lives. It's a different kind of pandemic we continue not to recognize. There is no vaccine that can provide herd immunity.

It's not going to go away. We have no choice but to either ignore the problem or do something. We at Conversations for Hope have chosen to do what we can to help educate and support our friends and neighbors.

We volunteer to teach mental health education and provide family support programs, and your support helps us with our online, digital, and studio management expenses that support our teaching.

These are unprecedented times, uncertain times. But also a time for Hope.

With your help - we can help. Thank you, Diana